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Dear Friends and Family,

Welcome to August! We hope you and your peeps find this new month wonderful! It’s already looking fab on our end as we kick-start the month with something new and exciting!

Together with our partners at African Women on Board, we are launching a Photo Essay Contest in the coming weeks for our new campaign, ‘Road to 100 Million Climate Change Soldiers in Africa’.

Climate change is THE most important issue of our time, with huge impacts on natural resources, ecosystems, economies, security, and all of the other passions and causes that we care about… Because of course without a planet, there is no place to play social progression out on.

The continent itself is one of the most vulnerable territories as the climate changes around us – and yet – African voices are neither represented nor heard where key decisions are being made.

Overall, the ‘Road to 100 Million Climate Change Soldiers’ has been specifically designed to educate our own people on the coming changes to our everyday lives. But even more than that, we know that Africa represents a massive, young, and passionate community, and we want to mobilize that energy so that the continent can become THE biggest advocate for climate solutions on the planet!

We’ll announce more details about the contest – theme, eligibility, submission rules, prizes, and more – soon! Basically, things are about to get really interesting around here, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more details delivered to your emails like this and via our social media platforms (@africasoftpower).

If this is a subject you feel particularly strongly about (we suspect it is), then please also share your views via asp@theafricasoftpowerproject.com.

The ASP Team

Interested in this project? Please send an email to
asp@theafricasoftpowerproject.com for more information.