Africa Soft Power at Art Basel Miami 2022

About the Event

Africa and the African diaspora are rich with culture and visionaries who continue to push the boundaries and innovate, but have not always had the opportunity and access to connect with the world. Technology and digital art have evolved to the point where artists have more, and more access to audiences that were previously separated by geography and language.

Join Africa Soft Power for two powerful conversations on how the intersection of tech and art can be used to invest directly in artists and their communities in new and innovative ways – and emerging technologies and the creation of ecosystems supporting them that provide opportunities for artists from all over the diaspora.

  • How can the convergence of these forces be used to drive economic development, prosperity and to push culture in the same way the Harlem Renaissance did?
  • In a digital-first world, do we still hail from different physical cultures?
  • Do NFTs have a place in this movement or are they a fad?
  • Is today’s technology rebalancing the relationship between creativity & distribution?

For Partnership & Sponsorship, email: michael@africasoftpower.com

For General Enquiries, email: asp@theafricasoftpowerproject.com