Africa Soft Power Summit | May 2024

We are delighted to announce the return of the Africa Soft Power Summit to Rwanda in 2024! Save the dates, May 28th – 31st,* 2024, as we extend an invitation for you to join us in the beautiful city of Kigali! The Summit stands as the foremost gathering for women’s leadership, as well as Africa’s creative and tech industries. Hosted in Africa but with a focus on global growth, we look forward to welcoming participants from around the world.

*The provided dates could be adjusted by one or two days.

Innovative voices, fresh perspectives – global representation across industries

New perspectives are emerging both on the continent and beyond. Acknowledging the continent’s challenges, we recognize that to address local issues and contribute to global problem-solving, we must nurture African thought leadership, knowledge production, and uptake. These fresh perspectives are the catalysts for real change, and our speakers and delegates have consistently delivered.

Across the full summit agenda, there will be representatives from global brands, and unique individuals from the fields of art and entertainment, technology, tourism, food, sports, finance, health, law, philanthropy, politics, etc., as well as leading figures from the academic, public, and third sectors, not to mention international media coverage.

EXPLORE, ENGAGE AND CONNECT Across 5-days Of High-level Programming:

  • The Remarkable African Women’s (RAW) Leadership Conference
  • The Creative & Innovative Industries Conference
  • The Africa Soft Power Gala and Awards
  • Additionally, there will be masterclasses, roundtables, city tours, and various experiential activities!

The Remarkable African Women’s (RAW) Leadership Conference:

New reports indicate that the goal of achieving gender parity by the anticipated 2030 deadline is facing a setback of an additional 64 years. This is a concerning development, particularly in the context of Africa’s development ambitions, as research shows empowering women spurs economic growth.

The RAW Conference holds the distinction of being the continent’s first gathering focused on African women’s leadership – and its vital role in addressing the intersectional issues of our time. Powered by African Women on Board, the event presents a novel perspective on gender discourse – advancing the visibility and perspectives of African women in global discourse and highlighting male-driven insights towards gender equality at large.

Creative & Innovative Industries Conference (CII):

A convening of leading businesses and individual voices from around the world, focussing on the symbiotic relationship between creative endeavour and commercial viability, and the role that the private sector can play in shaping the digital, creative, and knowledge economies of the future.

The Africa Soft Power Gala:

Experience the vibrant pulse of African creativity live at the ASP Gala! This dynamic event brings the latest in African art, fashion, film, entertainment, media, and tech to center stage, breathing life into the themes explored in the RAW and CII conferences.

Join us for an evening of thought leadership and networking, uniting pioneers and visionaries from diverse sectors in a powerful showcase of true African ingenuity, and meaningful connections!


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$650 (Until April 15th)
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1 evening pass to the:

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$750 (Full price)




We invite you to mark your calendars for an unparalleled experience. More details on our line-up of distinguished speakers,
engaging sessions, and other aspects of our programming will follow soon. To stay updated about these announcements, and
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