Gen xYZ: Unsilenced Voices Propelling Change through Creative Power and Social Media #ENDSARS by The Africa Soft Power Project and The Africa Center was a deep dive into the gears driving the youth-led social movement against police brutality and bad governance in Nigeria with implications across the African continent.

The series featured two engaging sessions – “Digital Canvas: How Technology is Shaping Modern Activism #EndSARS” & “Creative Power and Conscious Awakening: Eyes on Nigeria #EndSARS” and featured tech and creative industry thought leaders whose energy and insights made for a powerful event.

The discussions explored #EndSARS as an extraordinary movement largely driven by young people, while focusing on what comes next. Key takeaways from the event were the remarkable ingenuity of the Nigerian youth in demanding justice and reform from their government and institutions, as well as the instrumental roles that technology and the creative industries will play as positive agents of change in the fight for Africa’s future.

Creative Power and Conscious Awakening: Eyes on #EndSARS

In 2020, Big Brother Nigeria received over 900 million votes leading to concerns about the priorities of Gen Z and assumptions about their apathy towards politics and governance. However, their gaze has now shifted to social issues confronting Nigerians, a switch in focus that makes governments uncomfortable.

On this session we will explore the role the creative industry and soft power play in social movements and in the fight for Africa’s future.


How Technology is shaping Modern Activism (#EndSARS)

Technology plays a vital role in social movements around the world. In the #EndSARS movement, it provides a framework to inform, support, amplify and organize protests.

On this session, our amazing speakers will be discussing how the landscape of social movements and activism has been altered by technology and what opportunities these constantly evolving innovations hold for the future of governance in Africa.