Africa Soft Power Summit 2023: Sneak peek at the pre-agenda programme

Africa Soft Power’s (ASP) flagship summit is now just THREE WEEKS AWAY… and will be taking place in Kigali, Rwanda from May 23rd – 27th. Team ASP is now busy putting the finishing touches to the event, but in the meantime we can here reveal an exclusive sneak peek at the pre-agenda programme (subject at this point of course, to further updates).

Across five action-packed days and three main events, we’ll be discussing some of the most pressing intersectional issues of the day, not only on the continent and for the diaspora community, but on a global level. The sessions will include:

May 24th: The inaugural RAW Women’s Leadership Conference

Women’s Leadership & Systems Change
This opening session will provide a birds-eye view of why we’re in the room for the day’s proceedings, setting the scene for consideration of a different approach to women’s leadership that can facilitate systems change and reshape environments.

The Role of Private Sector in Reconceptualizing Gender
For years, the ‘gender issue’ has been seen largely as the preserve of the public sector. But what role can the private sector take in shaping modern gender discourse and generating greater gender equity?

Climate Change, Gender Action & Security
What can the gender movement learn from how modern climate discourse has changed over time, and how mainstreaming an issue can inspire action from the private sector and other stakeholders?

From PE to VC: Closing the Gender Gap in Funding
How can the industry do more to leverage private sector resources, strategies and innovative financing mechanisms, to create an inclusive investment environment that addresses the funding gap that female business owners currently face?

Eroding Growth: Bad Data – So What?
The lack of good data and intelligence can create a real barrier to growth, especially presently in Africa and especially when it comes to the female economy. Where are better data solutions likely to come from, and what are some tangible examples of how they can better fuel advancement in the female-first economies?

May 25th – 26th: Creative & Innovative Industries Conference (CII)

New Pathways: Travel, Tourism & Trade in Africa
Particularly in a post-Covid world, how is the Continent’s tourism industry – travel, hospitality, food, arts, music, nightlife, wildlife, sports, etc. – recovering? And even prospering? The African Civil Aviation Commission will lead this crucial discussion on how more investment and better infrastructure can help these sectors grow.

An Intelligent Future: Staying ahead in the AI race
As tools powered by artificial intelligence automate existing jobs, redefine the barriers to entry into certain fields and redraw the frontlines of others, what are the impacts on the future of workforces on the continent? And with African nations waking up to AI investment, innovation, and implementation, how can opportunities be harnessed?

The Economy of Sports
Leveraging technology and innovative financing solutions to upscale the sports industry and drive fan engagement, and examining how to build better support structures to create an ecosystem of African sports tourism, products, content and exports.

The power in our flavours: Cuisine, Culture & Commerce
Exploring Africa’s diverse cuisine as a transformative tool, driver of economic growth, and a way to protect and promote cultural heritage.

The globalisation of African beats & screens: leveraging growth
It’s encouraging that the world’s top content platforms have increased their focus on Africa, but how can this attention be best used to increase in resources and recognition to create further opportunities on the continent itself, as well as promoting ‘Brand Africa’ on the world stage.

The Summit will also include:

  • Further sessions and fireside chats to be announced
  • The exclusive ASP Gala & Awards
  • Breakout sessions, roundtables, cocktail events & lunches, and plenty of off-stage and networking time throughout the day
  • Cultural activities including trips out to the NBA Africa playoffs, and outings to local galleries, marketplaces, and wildlife locations

We very much look forward to welcoming you in Kigali! And in the meantime, you can keep up with all the latest news and information, including ticket booking and sponsorship details, on our main events page here.