Anita Erskine

Anita is an authority on Media and Communications. She’s an award-winning TV Host, Event Moderator, Actress and Keynote Speaker. She is recognized as one of the most prominent voices for Women Empowerment, Girls’ Education, Gender Equality, entrepreneurship and cultural diversity. A charismatic entrepreneur, Erskine is the Group CEO of the storytelling machinery, Anita Erskine Media. Her pursuit of entrepreneurship in 2016 culminated her professional experience in Brand Marketing Management, Corporate Communications, Strategic Communications Management and Television Content Development Management.

Today, with over two decades of experience in Ghana, Canada and parts of Europe, Erskine is extraordinarily positioned to provide her unique perspective on global cultures and traditions. Anita’s work is synonymous with her success-oriented goal to empower communities. In 2014, she created Anita Erskine’s Sheroes to give Women the platform to share incredible life lessons, with the goal of lending their blueprint of success to other Women. Since its creation, Sheroes has enjoyed a viewership of more than 15 million across Africa, North America, United Kingdom, and parts of Europe.

Anita’s dynamism is best demonstrated as a vibrant event host. Over the last decade, Erskine has hosted more than 200 global events ranging from high level dialogues, awards ceremonies, and national celebrations. She has hosted for global leaders, Economic International Agencies and Multinational Companies. As a Keynote speaker, Anita Erskine leverages over two decades of experience in Communications, Diversity and Entrepreneurship. She has spoken at gatherings such as the Oxford Africa Conference and Trent University in her capacity as the 2023 CEO – In – Residence.

She is currently a Mentor for Black Women Film Canada and the Forum Canada – both organisations that focus on capacity building for professional women. In 2020, Erskine became the official host of Africa’s Business Heroes – The Jack Ma Foundation’s flagship philanthropic entrepreneur program in Africa. This coveted role affords her the unique opportunity of interacting and contributions to the growth of Africa’s Entrepreneur ecosystem by hosting the show and by providing communications training to the diverse collective of Hero finalists both on the African continent and in the Diaspora. Anita Erskine’s strong brand influence is a symbol of her commitment to her vocation, her ambition, and her audience.

In 2021, she was one of two winners of the Trent University Alumni of the Year. She was also named among the 500 most influential African around the world, one of the top 100 Women CEO’s in Africa, in the Top 100 Career Women in Africa list and acknowledged as one of the Most Distinguished Female Change Makers in Africa. Anita Erskine is an impact maker who believes that the power in her storytelling skill must serve as an agent of social change around the world.