Ed Keazor

Ed Emeka Keazor is an historian, archivist, lawyer, and filmmaker. He is the author of the following critically acclaimed works: The Lagos Hamburg Line: A Brief History of German Commerce in Nigeria (1590 -2016); ‘120 Great Nigerians We Never Knew’ amongst others. His documentary film works include the critically acclaimed ‘January 15, 1970: Untold Memories of the Nigeria – Biafra War’; ‘Company Yaya?!? – Lost African Voices of World War 2’ He is a member of – the Board of Trustees of the Nigerian Legal History Society; the board of directors of Iba Ajie (The Ukpabi Asika Knowledge Resource Centre) and curator of the Iba Ajie Museum and Archives amongst others. He was a recipient of an award from the African Society of Cambridge University in 2014, for his work in African History. He was part of a consultation group convened by the Horniman Museum relating to its Benin artefact collection.