Folake Akindele

Folake Akindele is the visionary Founder and Creative Director of Tiffany Amber Nigeria—a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand embodying African essence with global appeal. With over 20 years in the fashion industry, Folake is a trailblazer in African luxury fashion.

Born in Lagos and educated in Switzerland, England, and Scotland, Folake pursued a legal career, earning a Master’s degree in Petroleum Law. However, her unwavering passion for fashion eclipsed all else.

In November 1998, Folake launched Tiffany Amber, revolutionizing Nigerian fashion. Growing up in Europe, she seamlessly translated her ardor into an iconic African brand with remarkable global recognition. Since then, Folake has proudly showcased Nigerian designs on the world’s most prestigious runways, becoming a cultural ambassador for the African continent. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has garnered numerous accolades and awards.

In 2022, Folake unveiled Tiffany Amber Gardens, a sanctuary nestled away from Lagos’ bustling city life. This exquisite venue features the Tiffany Amber Flagship Boutique, Tiffany Amber Cafe, and Tiffany Amber Spa, expanding the brand beyond products into services and immersive experiences. Folake’s dedication to the fashion industry’s growth and sustainability, along with her celebration of African culture and women, have solidified her status as an industry icon. Her creative vision continues to inspire a new generation of designers and entrepreneurs across the continent.