Marc Kwesi Farrell

Marc Farrell is a proud Trinidadian, and the Founder and CEO of Ten To One Rum. Marc’s unique combination of deep cultural ties to Caribbean culture and intimate knowledge of the U.S. consumer market, have propelled him to help elevate the conversation around rum, and bring an inspired new product to market. An extroverted “Cheerleader in Chief” with a passion for storytelling and engaging consumers, Marc’s varied responsibilities include developing the brand voice, building a dynamic team, product development, strategy, marketing and sales.

Prior to launching Ten To One Rum, Farrell most recently held a number of roles at Starbucks as its youngest Vice President, including eCommerce, U.S. Retail Lobby and Beverage Innovation. He was recruited to join the executive team after a serendipitous meeting with Howard Schultz, the company’s Founder and CEO.
This followed earlier professional stints at Fidelity Equity Partners and Bain & Co.

Farrell attended MIT at age 16, followed by Cambridge University and Harvard Business School. Throughout his career, Farrell dreamed of creating a product that
genuinely reflected himself and his Caribbean DNA.