Marcus Glover

Marcus is a successful entrepreneur, and consummate storyteller. His breadth of experience and expertise at weaving together relevant trends, cultural influences and technologies has made him a sought after advisor and speaker.

As the Founding Partner of the private equity firm M. Glover Capital and Board Chair of Defy Ventures, Marcus catalyzes change through social impact investment and criminal justice reform. Through close collaboration with local stakeholders, M. Glover Capital’s investments drive job creation to economic stability and wealth generation for systems affected communities. Through Defy Ventures, which fights mass incarceration and recidivism by building on the natural talents of incarcerated men, Marcus mentors youth and teaches yoga and meditation.

As a Global Creative Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Marcus produced some of the most memorable advertising campaigns within pop culture urban lifestyle, music, sports, entertainment, including an award winning Super Bowl commercial. Based on his agency experience, Marcus is highly active as a consultant for early stage ventures and leads workshops on brand and personal storytelling for founders and leaders.

Marcus has created successful ventures with some of the world’s most beloved celebrities and athletes as an agency owner. He has also served as executive producer on films such A Beautiful Game and Bilal, and served on the Board of Harlem Arts Festival and Liberation Prison Yoga.