Navalayo Osembo

Navalayo Osembo is the CEO of Enda, Kenya’s and Africa’s first performance footwear brand. Osembo is a graduate of the London School of Economics and has worked internationally, including in the US, UK, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Kenya where she utilizes her diverse skills as an accountant, a lawyer, risk manager, and in international development.

She is from a town near Eldoret, Kenya that has produced generations of the world’s greatest distance runners. Prior to creating Enda, Osembo started a sports academy in Bungoma, Western Kenya to provide sports proteges from disadvantaged backgrounds access to much-needed professional training without compromising their education.

In order to maximize social impact in Kenya through sports, Osembo teamed up with her Co-Founder to create Enda Athletic Inc., a made-in-Kenya running shoe brand that creates jobs, invests in local communities, and spurs economic development through exports.