Njack Kane

Njack began his career in commodities trading, to Africa in particular, at the Continental Grain Company more than 20 years ago. Between 1993 and 1996 he was Sales Director for the Glencore International Rice Department, then worked as Executive Director for Ascot Commodities prior to founding Novel Commodities in 1999. Njack Kane has run the rice department at Novel commodities SA since inception and until late 2011 before managing until 2013 the Novel group, a human scale group of companies active in the international trade of agricultural commodities with a strong focus on West Africa. He now currently heads the Intervalle Group of companies. He also serves as vice Chairman of the MEF Endowment Fund, is a Member of the Board of both the Winds of Hope Foundation, dedicated to the eradication of Noma in Africa and the John A. Kufuor foundation focusing on Leadership, Governance and Development in Africa.

His significant experience and exposure on the Continent, as well as his strong affective and familiar ties with its people, makes Njack Kane a fine specialist of West Africa in all aspects related to trade and agriculture, and a passionate advocate of African Champions promotion.