Tina L. Taylor

As a business leader, entrepreneur, and confident leader, Tina shatters every box. She’s known for being a DNA shifter who exceeds the status quo. She’s currently the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a commercial and technology management firm, Core3 Innovations, Founder, Heritage STEM Camps Foundation, and Managing Director, UNUM Capital Investments. These organizations are the engine for new strategies that impact thousands of women and children and drive community transformation. 

Tina is passionate about empowering women and children to participate in STEM education and fields. She defines STEM much more broadly than others, and encourages young leaders to use their education to foster innovation in every field from fashion to food production. Her end goal is to propel financial and entrepreneurial freedoms, challenge the status quo and build confidence in a diverse group of global leaders.

She is also an international public speaker for topics ranging from education and technology, entrepreneurship, economic development in underfunded communities and women in leadership. Tina sits on the boards of multiple organizations, including African Women on Board (AWB), and partners with the United Nations’ General Assembly of Women Leaders. She understands the critical need to drive equality and financial advancement in both policy and practice, and she delivers strategies that result in positive change.

With over 25 years of leadership experience as a senior executive in diverse, multi-national organizations, Tina is a leader in workforce inclusivity and redefines cultural paradigms through unique, business-model solutions.