Tolagbe Martins

Tolagbe Soleye Martins is a strategy and communications professional working in Lagos, Nigeria.

She leads a multi-disciplinary team supporting small businesses and government agencies in achieving their business objectives. She has expertise in public private partnerships having worked on environment, technology, healthcare, and emergency services projects. Alongside her professional passions, she also works as an Business English coach for aspiring business leaders to allow them “communicate with clarity”.

She serves as an adviser to the Growing Businesses Foundation- a non-profit company supporting women att the bottom of the financial pyramid. She cofounded a pioneering events ‘Urban Garden Space’- The Social Place in 2011 before shuttering it in 2018. Prior to this joint entrepreneurial venture, she had worked with an aviation start-up that built the first city centre helipad in Lagos.

Tolagbe runs a women’s peer mentoring group Soconnected and is part of a thriving ecosystem of women in fashion, finance, farming, tech and many more industries. This has led to speaking engagements with brands such as the Lagos Fashion & Design Week, Glam Agency and Mac Cosmetics. 

In 2023, she launched Africurate – advising MSMEs on business development and market penetration through collaboration and diversification.

She graduated from the London School of Economics with a Masters in Organisational Social Psychology and a BSc in Psychology & Philosophy.