Zoe Ramushu

Before becoming a filmmaker and multimedia journalist, Zoe Ramushu studied and worked in the legal field.  She was an integral part of the team that prepared the 2018 Framing The Shot: Key Trends in African Film report, the leading analysis of African film, with the Goethe Institut and German Foreign Office.

Working with Germany’s BMZ, Ramushu led a groundbreaking gender transformation agenda for African Film with SWIFT, recognized at global platforms such as the Berlin Film Festival. A Reuters fellow at Oxford University, Ramushu chairs a committee for the South African Department of Arts and Cultures, overseeing cultural grant allocations across national parastatals and agencies.

She is currently producing her first two feature films in South Africa, one is in development the other in pre-production. She’s recently completed two New York based documentaries which are currently on the festival circuit. She holds an undergraduate honors degree in Law and English and an MA both from the University of the Witwatersrand. She earned her MSc in filmmaking from Columbia University in the City of New York.